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Have you ever been in a meeting and thought WOW that person is super smart. Then they say something that is wickedly funny and before your eyes the genius is revealed. To top it all off, he leaves a CD on your desk and asks if you can give it a listen, its something he and some friends have been working on. He calls it a project, you call it powerful. Brian Smith has a strong compass that points to true North. At Starbucks he is a pioneering thinker, plotting innovation and driving new brands, then with the transformational abilities of a super hero he becomes the outdoor adventurer and creative crusader, someone who is following their dreams and thinking big. Watch out for something new.
What's Now
Brian is working on a super cool new product at Starbucks, and putting the finishing touches on his new music that I hope we will all hear soon. Check out these for some samples.
What's Next
We want to see more music and would love to help and are pulling together our local music contacts to get him on the boomboom path.
1. Think Big: Share your dream in 50 words or less.

Being attached to this hand…

Brian's Hand

and publicly creating & sharing wicked creativity.

In the process, generating a few sweaty, memorable,

scratching-record moments where, after the fact, all

people can think to say or mutter is “what the hell just

happened?!?”  That’d be pretty nice.

2. What did your mom think you would be?

Anything but a doctor or professional basketball player.

Chemistry, physics, the three-pointer. Yeah right… I’ve never

understood any of those. Maybe something to do with

banking….I was pretty good at my first job, at the ripe age

of 16, of providing managerial oversight at an

amusement park. So, maybe she thought I’d become a

professional Ferris Wheel operator… “that will be 2

tickets please”.

3. When people say “you can’t do that”, how do you respond?

Haven’t had enough caffeine to answer a deep question like

this one. I really love caffeine. Maybe that’s where

my optimism – the archenemy of “you can’t do

that” – comes in.

4. Why do you do what you do?

for that tingly feeling of creating. It’s pretty

inspiring when the zygote of an idea takes on a life of

its own and begins to grow and evolve and gain

unsupervised momentum.

5. What has been the best moment and the worst moment so far?

The best: That inflection point where I learned to be super

comfortable in my own skin. That’s liberating.

Also, the first time I played music live and could feel a

person or two really react even if it was just for a


The worst: Feeling trapped professionally or personally

or geographically.

6. Top five songs on your playlist.

Win Son Win, Mirado Black Warrior

Quiet Little Voices, We Were Promised Jetpacks

Turnover, Fugazi

It’s No Good, Depeche Mode

There There, Radiohead