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The power of the free spirit and someone who is following their own path. Erin is someone who demonstrates the power of self fulfillment by doing something you really love to do, and what happens when you discover that thing that makes you special. She is most comfortable when she dances, it’s a shared language and way of communicating that has allowed her to travel far afield and to make lasting friendships wherever she goes. Always with a sense of curiosity and compassion to learn our histories, cultures and to feel connected to people throughout the world. Feel the rhythm.
What's Now
Erin is currently dancing with the WuzaWuza dance company where they specialize in African Dance.

What's Next
A trip back to Africa to learn and share more, connect with old friends and make those new connections that remind us that we all have the same root.
1. Think Big: Share your dream in 50 words or less.

Ultimately I want to make a positive impact on the

world by using the arts, particularly dance, to show

everyone how beautiful the world can be, and how we

are all connected!

2. What did your mom think you would be?

My Mom thought I would be an artist because I had an

intense interest in it at a very young age; my coloring

books had a lot of detail and interpretation, and I

always made up stories to go with them. I came from a

family of engineers and scientists, and I always felt a

little guilty for not taking that path.Mom told me "Erin, it's

the engineers and the doctors and lawyers that keep the

world in order, but it's the artists that make life

worth living." My brother is an engineer, so she got one

of each. :)

3. When people say “you can’t do that”, how do you respond?

In an odd way, I'm driven by a challenge. I get down

on myself for about a day, and then it hits me that the only

person who has the right to say I'm not capable of

something.... is me!

4. Why do you do what you do?

There are many reasons I dance! It makes me

feel good about life. It's a very cathartic experience,

and an avenue of connectivity with others. It helps me

know who I am.

5. What has been the best moment and the worst moment so far?

The absolute best moment I have had dancing was

performing for the King of the Dogomba tribe in

Tamale. The absolute worst moment was waking up one

morning and not being able to move; I had a back injury

that progressed so far I got out of bed and just collapsed! I

thought I was paralyzed and it was terrifying.

6. Three trips I’d like to take.

Going back to Africa. I think of Ghana often and miss all of

my friends and wonderful people I met there.



Ireland. To be honest, I'm not sure what part of Ireland

my family is from.I'm mixed with a variety of Northern

European cultures, so when I asked I pretty much say that I

descended from Vikings and Druids and I was

raised by hippies. :)

Australia, I would love to go to Melbourne. That is where

the International Institute of Dance Therapy is, and I like

kangaroos! When I was a kid, I wanted to be a

kangaroo when I grew up. Guess dancing was

the closest I could get.