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Richard is the founder of booomboom brands. A passionate believer in pursuing dreams, big ideas and the people behind them, Richard has been featured in more than a dozen books and TV shows, like the Big Idea, as a formative thinker on creative cultures and innovation. Most recently Richard was the co-founder and grand poobah of Cranium Inc, the games company that won game of the year five years out of six, sold millions of games, and was ultimately purchased by Hasbro. Richard loves the mantra of “think big” and the boomboom shirts, but mostly the opportunity to share stories and support others in following their dreams.
What's Now
Richard is helping Starbucks reinvent themselves with healthier food and beverage options, real food simply delicious! Getting boomboom up and running and helping as many folks as he can feel the wind under their wings. If a butterfly flaps its wings in ....
What's Next
whats next - a passionate focus on creating a movement that encourages and celebrates people pursuing their dreams. boomboom.
1. Think Big: Share your dream in 50 words or less.

I want to help turn hope into reality for as many people as I can. Create a movement and sense of support that will encourage people to follow their dreams and support their passions. In a world where “you cant” is more often said than “you can”, I want to help big ideas come to life, and give people a chance to create history in their own way.  I want to hear my three little woogies laugh until their tummies hurt, I want to hear their feet running on sand, and those words “dad look what I did” as many times as I can. Oh and I want to learn how to count to 50 words or less.  

2. What did your mom think you would be?

My poor mum, she put up with so much. From an early age I

was inventing things and dreaming of creating businesses. I had some good ideas and some bad ones. I sold fish door to door, don’t do that, there is a shelf life problem with that business.

3. When people say “you can’t do that”, how do you respond?

I usually want to know why? At least I might learn something, but honestly its very motivating for me. I am driven by a fear of failure rather than the glow of success, so someone saying you cant do it, or it will never work, makes me try even harder. Resilience is very important when you are trying to pursue a dream, more often than not you will face skeptics. I believe, in life, it's not how many times you get knocked down but how many times you get back up. Go for it, and show them what you can do.

4. Why do you do what you do?

I love creating things that people like and I am proud of. I love to help others and see them fly. I love to learn and be inspired by those around me. I like to laugh and have fun and be a part of something special. I love to create cultures, with a sense of mission and purpose. I want to help make history, and leave a footprint in the sand.

5. What has been the best moment and the worst moment so far?

I have been so lucky, there have been so many amazing

moments. Going to Microsoft in 1988 and feeling that

sense of changing the world. Creating Cranium with

Whit Alexander, the amazing team, and winning game of

the year multiple times. What a chapter. But if I had to

chose just one, it would be being at the podium when I

was being inducted into the entrepreneurial hall of fame in

Scotland with my mum and dad in the crowd and having

the chance to say thank you to them for everything

they have done for me. Without them, there

would be no me.

Worst moments? Well unfortunately there have been many

of those too. Dreams taken away, ideas that flopped, soccer

games lost, but I think the one that has stayed with me the

most has been selling Cranium and leaving those

offices on the last day. It was a chapter I did not want to

end. My heart was left behind that day.

6. Planes, Trains or Automobiles - what’s your favorite
mode of transportation?

Oh my gosh that is easy! I am a car nutcase, my first

word was car! I name them all, Rudy, Jellybean, Fugee,

Billy, Stubby, Borat, Tommy the list goes on! If it has an engine I will drive it or ride it! VroomVroom!