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The other half of the Invisible Creature duo is brother Ryan, the quieter of the two, but from the moment you meet him you get the impression that this river runs deep. Used to being in front of huge crowds and industry accolades, his confidence is well founded and kept inside. But throw him the chance and give him the challenge and watch this boy go to work. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who was an illustrator at NASA, Ryan has mastery for album covers and promoting bands. When brother Don needs help, he is the wing man. Ryan rules with cool, and rocks the G-Hawk! He is a believer in the power of pursuing a dream.
What's Now
Ryan is finishing up some album design work for the Tooth & Nail label that looks really exciting and is getting ready to go into the studio with his band Demon Hunter (whose recent album debuted at #1 on the Billboard heat seeker charts!). They will be in the studio for six weeks!
What's Next
New record, I am sure will be a huge event, and then lots of live gigs. We also hope he will be back in the design studio with Don creating the magic that happens when the brothers bond. Rock on.
1. Think Big: Share your dream in 50 words or less.

I'm living my dream. I have some short-term goals

ahead of me, but I never imagined I would be as blessed as I

am today. Having worked on such amazing projects over the

past 10 years, and loving every day of it, is more

than I could ever hope for.

2. What did your mom think you would be?

I think she knew I would be an artist to some

degree. All that I ever did as a child/adolescent was

draw and paint- even when I was supposed to be doing

school work. Her father (my grandfather, Alfred) was a

very talented and successful artist his entire professional

life, and I know she saw that same spark in my

brother and I.

3. When people say “you can’t do that”, how do you respond?

Well, that depends on the specifics, but I would say I

definitely enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is

expected- from both myself and from clients. I like the

challenge of opening people's eyes to something

new, something different.

4. Why do you do what you do?

I read an amazing quote recently that pretty much

sums it up for me. It said something to the effect

of "To create is not just a passion. It's a

compulsion." I find that very true for myself.

Although I absolutely love to create art, I find that it's

absolutely necessary for me. My well-being

depends on it.

5. What has been the best moment and the worst moment so far?

Professionally speaking, the best moment for me was the

first time I was nominated for a Grammy award

in the packaging category. We've had some very proud

moments as designers- being featured in some amazing

publications, receiving some very kind words from many of

our design "heroes," and having the opportunity to work with

some amazing clients, but nothing beats that morning I

received a phone call from my brother regarding

the Grammy nomination. I was truly floored.

As for the worst moment, there have been some less-than-

desirable moments dealing with difficult clients.

But overall, I can't pinpoint a specific time when

things were particularly stressful. And recognizing that, I'd

say I'm very fortunate.

6. Planes, Trains or Automobiles - what’s your favorite
mode of transportation?

I like to drive. I enjoy road trips and the like, so I

would definitely say automobile. However, I will

definitely take advantage of an airplane for those more

distant destinations. I wouldn't say I love to fly