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I will never forget the first time meeting with Troy Nebeker. He was working for an agency called BigBang in Seattle and was the lone “creative” in a sea of business development, but most importantly was the one with the biggest insight. He got the soul, the narrative, the emotional connection we were trying to make. Then I realized we were in the midst of genius, and then he started to draw!!! Over and over again, when an idea has come I have turned to Troy to be the one person who can bring that idea to life. From Cranium to treasured new ideas, Troy has been the person I have trusted with the creative expression of the brands. He is an avid biker, music lover and dedicated dad, and all round great guy. He is also the loyal and trusted goalie for the boomboom soccer team. Gotta love that! Soccer Geek!
What's Now
Troy is reinventing himself with, more creative genius but also just one of the most brilliant company names we have ever heard! He is also driving the look and feel of boomboom!

What's Next
No question the future holds creative genius. More boomboom and I am sure lots more from Troy, and hopefully lots and lots of clean sheets in goal for boomboom central.
1. Think Big: Share your dream in 50 words or less.

I want to walk on the narrow path and enjoy the people

and things I might find there.

2. What did your mom think you would be?

I asked my mom and she said easy - I thought you would be

an architect. You were always looking at shapes

and colors and designing, I was so proud — Funny,

my highshcool “testing” said I was going to be well suited

for garbage collection or a corrections officer. Go figure.

I love my mom.

3. When people say “you can’t do that”, how do you respond?

I try not to hang out with those people.

4. Why do you do what you do?

You know that smile you get from your kids

when they first ride with out training wheels. It is the

same for grown ups when the idea they have comes to

life in unexpected ways. That moment never ever gets

old and its why I plug in every day.

5. What has been the best moment and the worst moment so far?

I have been very blessed. I know it sounds a bit cliche but

when my little ones were born. Without question - the

most amazing and best thing. Professionally - hands down

meeting and working with Richard. He is one of the

most inspirational and genuine people I have ever met.

Worst moment? Selling my 1985 Toyota FJ60. Crying in a

Dennys while someone else drives away in your truck is

never cool.

6. Stranded on a desert island - what do you need to survive?

Hmm. How big is the island? Wild animals? Are there

cannibals. Any fresh water? Did I get there by plane

crash or ship wreck? This is a complicated question.