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CMG Conference

Scottsdale, AZ: 11.11.2008

How do you anticipate what the next big trends in color are going to be in 2010? How do you harness the collective insight from the color design industries greatest minds from throughout the world? Great questions and at the CMG (Color Marketing Group) that is exactly what they do!! This not-for-profit organization has members in more than 20 countries and each year at their conference they forecast Color Directions 19 months or more in advance for all manufactured products and services. This year our chief boomboom Richard Tait will be the keynote speaker, inspiring the attendees with insight around innovation, building creative cultures and leveraging the boomboom way to win. Provide a next window that has the following link to it CMG uses the wisdom of crowds: CMG's Consumer and Contract Color Directions Forecasts are developed annually through the collaborative efforts of approximately 400 members that attend CMG's Conference. Each member prepares his or her own individual Color Directions Forecast in advance of the Conference, where over two dozen Color Workshops take place simultaneously. During these Conferences, Workshop Facilitators lead and direct small group discussions among the Color Design Professionals. After many hours of interaction, each of the Workshops develops a Color Directions Forecast which then goes to a Steering Committee meeting. There, the process is repeated, until a general consensus Forecast for the entire Conference is developed.

  1. Make it relevant.
  2. Make it stick.
  3. Make it easy to adopt.
  4. Make it memorable.
  5. Make it the best it can be.
  6. Make it easy to find.
  7. Make it easy to share.
  8. Make it green.
  9. Make it fun.
  10. Make it profitable.